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Comic Pick of the week: Eternals #6

Publisher: Marvel Comics

What was originally slated to be the finale of the series has ended up being the issue just before the climax. Since there will be yet another issue of Eternals we have a little more to look forward to.
Issue 6 sort of fast forwards the pace that has been sooooo draggy the last 3 issues and brings about some real drama and action that has been missing for awhile. 6 actually has some action in it, which is amazing since I really didn't expect any after such a drought. As you can tell I'm a bit let down with the series, and fortunately issue 6 is a gem for the series.

In this issue we have unearthed the sleeping celestrial and with it the possibility of Earth extinction. There are some surprise guest that show up and poke their noses in this daunting issue. Neil Gaiman does a great job of showing the trivial issues of humans and lets the reader have a little fun musing what gods really think about all day.

Eternals #6 makes the series worthwhile and I really can't wait till #7

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